The Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend is a major business opportunity for retailers to make huge profits. The industry generated around $1 billion on selling products online during the sales season. The trends for each year continue to change with some holiday-themed items proving to be more popular than the others.

However, some people wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to make large purchases so it if you are aware of the latest market trends then you are at an advantage. Some dedicated research and keeping an eye on the buying habits of online shoppers around the world can reveal important information on the trending items. Listed below are a few items predicted to sell well this year.

Waterproof Phone Cases

There is no surprise that phone cases are one of the most sold phone accessory all over the world. Our lives revolve around our phones and we need them to communicate, find information and entertain ourselves throughout the day. The phone also shows off a person’s personality. Because phones are easily susceptible to damage, waterproof phone cases are becoming more and more popular. There is always a demand for these accessories even when the beach season is out.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have made it big with brand such as Dr. Dre monopolizing the market. However since they tend to be expensive people are on the lookout for cheaper alternatives. Streaming music paired with speakers you can take with you wherever you go are the favorite items for those who are always on the lookout for a party.

Fairy Lights

Pinterest has contributed in the popularity of fairy lights. They are the must-have item for any teenage or adult woman. What was previously used for holiday lighting has not been promoted to the home décor section. These fairy lights come in many colors, shapes and sizes and are lovingly hung over the walls, bedposts and mirrors in a bedroom.

Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are everywhere now and they are a must-have product this year. The cute and versatile accessories can be pinned on to anything. People are sporting them on their jackets, back packs and even customizing school uniforms. The enamel pins come in a lot of designs and logos often featuring popular culture references and edgy designs. Many retailers have jumped on the bandwagon and are selling products online similar to these.