For online businesses the ability to sell is what makes or breaks the business. There are many website designs trending each year and it is exhausting to keep track but given below are some evergreen methods that can help create online store for a small business.

High Quality Pictures

People enjoy visual aids more than textual ones which is why information is best communicated through pictures. Having high definition and large resolution pictures on the landing page of your website is best strategy for selling products online.  These pictures convince customers to buy your products.

Fresh Design

When you are using an online store builder select a fresh looking design so that it makes a lasting impression on the visitors. Out of date websites do not gain anyone’s trust. If you take a business online then the website design is like the store front and interior.

Active Social Media Profiles

People often base their opinion on a store or brand by looking at their social media profiles. They need to brands they can trust. Those who are active on social media and have a large following are more likely to gain the customer’s trust. This shows their customers relate to the products and also provides them a platform to get in touch with the customer support.

Social Proof

People want to see proof of the quality of products and services provided by the business online. They want to know they have made the right decision in selecting this particular store. There are many ways to showcase this proof. A few examples are social shares on blog articles, testimonials, large mailing lists and reviews on external websites.


Testimonials are the best way to market products online since clients trust other clients more than the company. They want to know how people like them have rated the product or service. They will relate to the other client’s problem and go for a certain product if it is recommended by other users.


Google uses a certain algorithm to provide search results and one factor they consider is the location of the store. The more often your business online shows up in search results, the more money you’ll make. Setting up operations in multiple locations will help maximize traffic and also those locations showing up in review sites will improve your social media profile and search engine ranking.