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The movement is stopped by focusing on the foreground of the improvised stalls with a white mother and daughter, leaving the background out of focus; a few seconds later, correcting the focus, a black woman will be completely in focus. An exercise in style? Or a statement of intent?

Paul Greengrass’s film is one of recognition and, by the way he narrates the events, of recollection as well. Although it makes us look back and remember John Ford, especially with his The Seachers (1956), it is closer to the William A. Wellman of Yellow Sky (1948) and his «a desert is a space, and a space is crossed», or to the Anthony Mann of Winchester 73 (1940).

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The returns seem to be commonplace in the series that saw John Kreese’s face back to do his thing and in this next season it will be the turn of the villain Terry Silver. What about Jackie Chan’s character? Let’s remember: the martial arts megastar starred alongside Jaden Smith in the remake of Karate Kid giving life to Mr. Han.

Macchio went on to explain that it doesn’t matter if the characters «didn’t share» screen time with Daniel or Johnny in the past. If they met Miyagi, they are ready to jump on the Netflix screen and take part in Cobra Kai. Included in this definition is Julie Pierce, Hilary Swank’s character from the fourth entry in the classic martial arts franchise.

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Thus, the doors are closed for Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, who in their film formed a relationship similar to that of Miyagi and Daniel in the original adventures. The truth is that the film starring Chan and Smith was always outside the original Karate Kid universe and from the beginning was considered a reboot of the classic story that returned thanks to the Cobra Kai phenomenon.

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Therefore, it is a relief to see from the first minute the very respectable visual treatment of the fights in ‘Wu Assassins’: they are shot in the purest oriental style, without confusing editing, with sustained general shots, good location of space and actors who in most cases play their own fights. These are, moreover, abundant, and shine in almost every episode one or even two very notable ones.

Unfortunately, ‘Wu Assassins’ lacks precisely what makes ‘Into the Badlands’ interesting: a plot that is aware of its possibilities and that amalgamates all those remarkable action sequences with some skill. Unlike Iko Uwais’ films like ‘Triple Threat’ – a very minor production, but with things tremendously clear – ‘Wu Assassins’ overdoes the solemn with knockdown material and less worthy than the series itself believes, and that deserved a look with a point of irony.

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The plot of ‘Wu Assassins’ follows the tropes of the chosen hero unaware of his destiny: Kai Jin (Uwais) discovers that he is the heir to mystical powers with which he must defeat a series of villains with element-based powers. One of them is his adoptive father, Uncle Six (Byron Mann), leader of the triads who is also being investigated by the police and who faces a rival from Europe, McCullough (Tommy Flanagan).

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After Charlie Cox, the Daredevil of the Netflix series, starred in a nice cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home as Peter Parker’s lawyer, the future of Matt Murdock in the Marvel Universe could be linked not only to Cox’s own face. And is that a new information points to the fact that Ben Affleck, who embodied in 2003 the blind Marvel vigilante, could appear Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, as an alternative version of the character.

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«For more than obvious reasons, I was asked to keep it a secret, but Marvel approached Affleck about doing a cameo as Daredevil. They sent the preliminary contracts to his team, though I’m not sure if any of it got back to him,» bigscreenleaks expounded.

Affleck’s relationship with superheroes has had several ups and downs since he played the protector of Hell’s Kitchen, confessing on many occasions that he regretted playing him. However, with the passage of time, the actor would return to take on the mantle of another comic book character, Batman.

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