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The success of the sessions in New World is increasing and Oscar enters the studio for the first time to collaborate in the creation of the official album of the club, Nuclear Zone, an approach from a distance, more as a sonic advisor than as a real producer. The album is released in 1993 and is a quite remarkable success for the time, being included in several national compilations. Seen in perspective it is a work very much in keeping with the style that prevailed in the early 90’s and over time it has become a cult object on Ebay.

The moment arrives when Ben Sims asks Oscar for a demo for his label Theory, one of the most powerful of the scene at that time, after a slow and costly coming and going of masters and demos between Madrid and London and hours and hours of studio work, Anaconda is released at the end of 2002, This is his first international hit that definitely places him in the all star of the world techno producers, the album is played and charted by the most respectable dj’s of the globe and as a direct consequence the career of Oscar Mulero shoots exponentially. Signing by the prestigious German booking agency Dynamix, sharing roster with the best of hard techno. The passport collapses of airport stamps of the five continents and his suitcases visit since then the best clubs and festivals in South America, Europe or Asia. For most mortals this is enough, but not for Óscar Mulero.

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«Wakanda is not going to go on in the shadows watching. We can’t. We must not. We will fight to be an example of how we all, brothers and sisters, on this earth should treat each other now rather than in the past. The illusion of division threatens our very existence. But we know the truth. There is more connecting us than dividing us. But in times of crisis, the wise build bridges, and the foolish build barriers. We must find a way. We must care for one another as if we were one tribe.»

T’Challa is the King of Wakanda and the titular protector of his tribe, the Black Panther. After his father was killed in a terrorist attack orchestrated by Colonel Helmut Zemo, T’Challa focused his efforts on killing the man he believed was responsible, James Barnes. This led him to enter the conflict between the Avengers on the side of Anthony Stark’s team. However, when he discovered that Zemo had been to blame for T’Chaka’s death, he captured him without being consumed by revenge and helped Barnes recover from his trauma in Wakanda.

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The series is a spin-off of Henry Danger and includes stars Cooper Barnes and Michael D. Cohen returning to play their previous characters. Joining them are Havan Flores, Terrence Little Gardenhigh, Dana Heath and Luca Luhan. The series has been renewed for a second season.

When the Danger Force fails a mission because Chapa is distracted by a boy she likes, the gang has to track down who she’s obsessed with and get their friend back to her normal state.

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Belt part number, bar code, general application information, detailed information on the timing marks needed for installation, drive layout, information on the use of the sonic tension tester STT-1,?

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