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For some time now, the media has been talking more and more about the so-called Deep Web or Dark Web. This is almost always done to relate it to criminal activities that take place in the depths of the network, and very rarely do they stop to explain what this Dark Web really is. An example of this is that they call it the Deep Web, a misnomer in most cases.

That is why today we are going to try to explain in a simple and understandable way what exactly is the Dark Web, and what is its difference with the Deep Web. And if you are curious, we will also tell you how to download and use a browser specially created to surf it. So, although they are two very similar terms you will be able to learn to differentiate them.

The Dark Web is the content that you can find in different Darknets, which are each of the networks that you can only access with specific programs. The most popular is TOR, but you also have Freenet, I2P or ZeroNet. Each of these is a Darknet, but when we refer to all of them in general we use the term Dark Web.

What is dark web and deep web

Much of the content that the average person sees on the Internet is part of the deep web: email, online banking information, private accounts on social networks or paid streaming sites.

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Beneath the surface and within the deep web is the dark web. The content of the dark web is deliberately hidden from normal search engines, but can be accessed with Tor, an acronym that stands for The Onion Router. To access the Tor network, you can use the browser of the same name.

Later, the Tor code base was released under a free license and a non-profit organization called The Tor Project was formed. In 2008, the Tor browser was launched, making it easier for less tech-savvy users to navigate the dark web.

Scams abound on the dark web. A site offering hitmen may charge $5,000 for an assignment, but, if they get the money first, they have little incentive to complete the job. And then the scammed person can’t even report the incident to the police, of course.

Que es dark in english

La red abierta, o red superficial, es la capa superficial «visible». Si seguimos visualizando toda la web como un iceberg, la web abierta sería la parte superior que está por encima del agua. Desde un punto de vista estadístico, este conjunto de sitios web y datos representa menos del 5% del total de Internet.

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La web profunda se encuentra bajo la superficie y representa aproximadamente el 90% de todos los sitios web. Sería la parte de un iceberg bajo el agua, mucho más grande que la web de la superficie. De hecho, esta web oculta es tan grande que es imposible descubrir exactamente cuántas páginas o sitios web están activos en un momento dado.

Siguiendo con la analogía, los grandes buscadores podrían considerarse como barcos de pesca que sólo pueden «pescar» sitios web cercanos a la superficie. Todo lo demás, desde las revistas académicas hasta las bases de datos privadas y los contenidos más ilícitos, está fuera de su alcance. Esta web profunda también incluye la parte que conocemos como la web oscura.

Si te preguntas cómo acceder a la deep web, lo más probable es que ya la utilices a diario. El término «deep web» se refiere a todas las páginas web que no son identificables por los motores de búsqueda. Los sitios de la web profunda pueden estar ocultos tras contraseñas u otros muros de seguridad, mientras que otros simplemente indican a los motores de búsqueda que no los «rastreen». Sin enlaces visibles, estas páginas están más ocultas por diversas razones.

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She explains that this has happened precisely because of its lack of regulation, since being a universe that is not massively and permanently monitored by global authorities, it lends itself to record this type of activities considered bad or negative socially.

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For this same reason, he comments that users should be very careful when browsing, because much of what is offered may be scam, precisely because there are no controls or regulation, there is no way to control what is contained there.

Likewise, and due to this same lack of control, Lara comments that cybersecurity in the Deep Web is much lower than that of the traditional Internet, so when browsing it is very possible that users’ personal or financial data may be violated, if they use devices that contain them.

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