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Red Dead Redemption «Gang Shootout».

Sadie is a widow who seeks revenge for the death of her husband, She is an outlaw who is part of Dutch van der Linde’s gang in 1899, when it was at its peak. There she will share moments together with Arthur Morgan, with whom she apparently has a better relationship and whom she trusts exclusively.

After the dissolution of Dutch’s gang, Sadie dedicates herself to hunting criminals wanted by the government. Apparently, she is highly respected among the bounty hunters as one of her colleagues is heard expressing his admiration for her during an encounter.

Abigail Roberts – Arthur Morgan – Bill Williamson – Charles Smith – Davey Callander – Dutch van der Linde – Hosea Matthews – Jack Marston – Javier Escuella – Jenny Kirk – John Marston – Josiah Trelawny – Karen Jones – Kieran Duffy – Lenny Summers – Leopold Strauss – Mary- Beth Gaskill – Micah Bell – Molly O’Shea – Orville Swanson – Sadie Adler – Sean McGuire – Simon Pearson – Susan Grimshaw – Tilly Jackson – Uncle

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Algernon Wasp – Anders Anderson – Benedict Albright – Carmody Dell – Colm O’Driscoll – Deborah MacGuiness – Eagle Flies – Edgar Ross – Edith Downes – Francis Sinclair – Gareth Braithwaite – Gerald Braithwaite – Guido Martelli – Jenny Kirk – Jeremy Gill – Jimmy Brooks – Leviticus Cornwall – Marko Dragic – Mary Gillis – Paytah – Shane Finley – Theodore Levin

Red Dead Redemption online Partidas entre Bandas

Ganador de más de 175 Premios al Juego del Año y receptor de más de 250 puntuaciones perfectas, RDR2 es la épica historia del forajido Arthur Morgan y la infame banda de los Van der Linde, a la fuga por América en los albores de la era moderna. También incluye el acceso al mundo vivo compartido de Red Dead Online.

Edición definitiva Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition ofrece todo el contenido del modo historia de la edición especial, además de contenido adicional para el modo online, como trajes adicionales para tu personaje online, bonificaciones de rango, el caballo castaño negro y acceso gratuito al tema del campamento de supervivientes.

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Arthur Morgan y la banda de los Van der Linde son forajidos en fuga. Con los agentes federales y los mejores cazadores de recompensas del país pisándoles los talones, la banda debe robar, hurtar y luchar a través del escarpado corazón de América para sobrevivir. Mientras las profundas divisiones internas amenazan con desintegrar la banda, Arthur debe elegir entre sus propios ideales y la lealtad a la banda que lo crió.

BAND O’DRISCOLL 1 / Red Dead Redemption 2

Today I want to share with you the bso of this great title that marked the decade of 2010, one of the best games in history with the honor of taking the old west to new horizons by the hand of Rockstar as never before has been done. (And it will take it again with Rdr2).

We have a BSO composed by Bill Em and Woody Jackson mostly themes inspired by the classics of the west, with various tints of Jazz in some. Also intrusions of electric guitars as not, I will not say that it is a Stoner sound but if similar, let’s say it is the formula of alternative rock along with a modern bso applied to the old classics of the west, is what makes this bso stand out.

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Red dead redemption snakeville vs cels013 Bands

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