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And when few believed that this could be overcome, Capcom has arrived again to publish Monster Hunter Rise on its Nintendo hybrid to demonstrate that despite the fact that at first glance this saga may seem simple and that it is going to stick it to you from one moment to the next, monster hunting knows no limits and can reinvent itself as many times as it wants to continue to be a source of attraction for the gaming community.

I’m not going to lie to you, because the first time I came across Monster Hunter Rise I thought just that: again to kill monsters non-stop. But it was my mistake not to trust Capcom and Nintendo, because the twist that has been given to the essence of the game is most attractive and certainly invites both novice and experienced players to approach the game to experience this new hunt like never before.

Now, what becomes the final concept and basis of the title is the same (and has already been mentioned): you have to accept hunting missions, go to the areas where the monsters we have to kill reside and fight them to the death. Period and end. There is nothing else to do. Basically it is what has always been done in the saga and players resort to it precisely for that, to face giant beasts that are clearly in superior conditions and try to destroy them with all kinds of weapons. Alone or with friends. And Monster Hunter Rise, of course, doesn’t change that at all. There is no attempt to reformulate what are the basics of the game so that it becomes something other than a Monster Hunter. It does not seek to do what was done with Metal Gear Survive. That is, put a name of a mythical saga that meets certain standards (stealth, deep narrative, etc.) to break with all that and sneak in a totally different type of product to take advantage of the pull of the name. Because, let’s be honest, Survive was anything but a Metal Gear (although that can also apply to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, right?).

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My first contact with the Monster Hunter franchise was with the original PS2 installment, and despite the fact that given my young age I was a complete cone, the truth is that I took a liking to it. However, since Nintendo had never had much presence in my home, the later installments began to disappear from my radar… until Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter Rise came along. Now, I can very happily add Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin to my roster.

As some will assume based on my introduction no, I had no idea what the ‘Stories’ line of Monster Hunter was nor did I get to play the first installment. I just know that I’m glad I got my hands on Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, and here’s why.

Here, on the other hand, it’s been a problem that the allied AI isn’t always the best. On more than one occasion I’ve been a little unhinged because, after seeing how an enemy monster performed three times in a row an attack of technical type, and without rotation in between, an ally who was going to attack the monster decides to use a speed attack… WHICH LOGICALLY DOES NOT WORK. In this sense, I would have liked to have the possibility of being able to control everyone more freely if I saw fit, because in general the truth is that the allies are totally key.

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Because Monster Hunter World is more than a hunting game. It is the perfect translation of all the elements of hunting into a video game. There are other titles that focus on killing the animal, or that, at most, incorporate tracking or stealth (like Horizon Zero Dawn). But in this case we are faced with a formula that has been perfected to the limit. Starting with the creation of our character.

When we have found enough traces of a «bug» (they can be footprints, mucous or remains of hair) the lafarillos will automatically show us the way to its location. And that is when we will have to put our talent to the test. Hunting is much more than just approaching the creature and beating it up (which will end up with us back at the camp). We have to study the terrain and take advantage of it, as in primitive hunting techniques.

First of all, we must stay hidden until we launch the attack (thanks to the camouflage cloak or the bushes scattered around the stage). When we are at a suitable distance, we can see what tools are at our disposal: maybe throw heavy rocks on the prey, make it explode poisonous berries next to it, or get it entangled in climbing plants. Of course, there’s nothing more effective than seeking out its natural predator and pitting them against each other.

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Forsaken, or Forsa for short, is the protagonist’s sentient fighter ship in Coro. It can be easily modified in-game by swapping weapons and modification systems. This allows the player to quickly adapt their tactics or simply change their play style. By the time Nara and Forsa are ready to defeat the Great Prophet, they will have a wide variety of equipment to choose from.

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The werewolf spear and its associated modifications are obtained during the Wolf Hunt quest chain. Unlike the other launchers in the game, Werewolf Spear fires a single high-powered warhead capable of destroying most enemies with a single hit. It is best used against stationary targets or slow-moving vultures, but a skilled player can use it to cause a terrifying effect on all but the most agile enemies.

Holding the original Werewolf Lance forgoes the radiation cloud in favor of a charged shot; with the full Wolf set active, holding down the trigger button with equipped missiles prepares up to four warheads. When the trigger is released, they are fired in a burst similar to Forsa’s more conventional missile weapons. If one werewolf round is enough to destroy most enemies, a quick salvo is almost guaranteed to take them down, assuming it hits, of course.

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